How the Best Rooftop Tents Will Change How You Camp

How the Best Rooftop Tents Will Change How You Camp

If you’re looking for the best rooftop tent, you’re in luck! The rooftop tent craze is something that we at AREA BFE Tents think is here to stay. Why wouldn’t you want to be able to camp anywhere your car, jeep or truck can take you? Escaping the city has never been more important, and as you’re looking for the best rooftop tent money can buy, we’ll help you make a decision and show you all the ways rooftop tent camping can change the way you camp—forever.

The best rooftop tents for sale are going to be an investment in your mental health. How do you ask? Your good mental health is directly connected to being outside, away from the city, and immersed in wild nature. The more time you spend out of an urban environment, is more time spent exploring your inner and outer worlds. And if you’re the adventurer we think you are, then an exploration of everything is a must for you. So while most rooftop tents are going to run you more than $1k, you’re going to be investing in something for yourself and your family that will last and that will get you as close to BFE as possible.

AREA BFE isn’t a destination; it’s a state of mind. And as we are called into nature more and more, the gear we take with us really matters. Gone are the wispy nylon tents on the ground. Our standards are higher, and our needs are more robust.  Looking for the best rooftop tent for cars is a task that will get you closer to nature in no time. Not to mention you’ll be able to set up camp as far away from civilization as possible.  Most people who fall in love with rooftop tents fall in love mostly with the opportunities they create. Sure, our tents are incredibly comfy, safe, and easy to set up, but they also allow camping in places that would normally be unreachable with a traditional ground tent. And who wants to sleep on the ground anymore anyway? Not us! That’s why we created rooftop tents that are built for both speed and comfort. And that, friends, is what AREA BFE is all about.

How the Best Rooftop Tents Will Change How You Camp

The best rooftop tents for jeeps, cars, and trucks will absolutely change the way you camp. First, the opportunities become endless as long as you’re not at a harsh angle to sleep. Overlanding is the number one way people use rooftop tents because you don’t have to mess with looking for the right spot for a ground tent and hassle with poles, stakes, or rain covers.People love options, and when you have all the options in the world on the horizon and your bed on your roof, you can literally sleep anywhere your heart desires. There is so much magic in camping, and most of that magic is sleeping under the stars, listening to the world wake up around you, and breathing fresh air all day, every day.  However, if you’re camping in a traditional tent, they’re much more hassle that comes with exploring as you have to take the tent down and set it up each day to move along. All you have to do with a rooftop tent is pack up and drive off into the great unknown.

Protection From the Elements

Protection from the elements, the real ones like hail and rain, is a huge benefit of rooftop tents. You’ll be able to enjoy the sound of rain on the roof without worry about getting wet or falling off your air mattress into a looming puddle. Camping with this level of certainty allows you to truly enjoy your surroundings and immerse yourself in the healing power of nature, worry-free. Whether you’re in a softshell or a hard shell rooftop tent, you’re going to be protected from rain, hail, sun, wind, snow, and everything in between. And if you’ve ever been camping during shoulder season, you know about everything in-between part. Waterproof is an absolute necessity. Who likes waking up with the sun blasting in at 6 am, turning a tent into a sauna? No one, nobody likes waking up like that. With an aluminum hardshell rooftop tent from AREA BFE, you can camp in the middle of nowhere with no tree cover and still manage to sleep in a bit. After a day of mountain biking, climbing, or rafting, that hour in the morning can make all the difference for your muscles.

Memory Foam Mattress

Speaking of getting a good night’s sleep, AREA BFE tents are equipped with a memory foam mattress that will rival your mattress at home. Gone are the days of sharing a deflating air mattress with your partner or trying to stay still and pencil-thin to not fall off a sleeping pad. Traditional tent camping on the ground doesn’t allow for much comfort at all. If you’re not on a cumbersome air mattress or ultra-thin sleeping pad, you’re sleeping directly on the ground. Then you’re also subject to sticks, rocks, slopes, and slants that you didn’t realize were there when you set up and staked down your tent. Talk about frustrating.  You’re going to camp in luxury with the best rooftop tent for sale. Glamping has nothing on the comfort level that you can find in an AREA BFE tent and memory foam mattress.  If you’re anything like us, camping is both relaxing and extreme. We want to climb mountains, explore rivers, and get a little scared on a mountain bike trail. And after all this, we want a great night’s sleep so we can wake up and do it all over again. There’s nothing worse than spending an entire day being active and then getting a terrible night’s sleep.  We were over that nonsense, so we ensured that the mattresses in AREA BFE rooftop tents were more comfortable than what we even had at home. Not to mention you don’t need to deflate them, roll them up, or store them in your garage. The mattress stays in the rooftop tent, and you can even keep your sleeping bag in there too. Just pack up and head up when you’re ready to explore a new spot. 

Less Time Searching for the Perfect Spot

We’ve all been there. Unable to get off work early on a Friday during camping season and not getting on the road until after 5 pm is an absolute nightmare. Between battling city traffic and looking for a camp spot when they all seem to be taken already, you’re going to start your camping trip frustrated and ready to call it quits before you even crack a beer. With rooftop tents, you don’t have to worry about finding the best camping spot, so you can relax as you creep through traffic out of town, knowing that you can post up wherever you please. But not only that, we believe that the perfect spot isn’t where the people are. We always strive to break away from the masses while camping and chart new territory. With a traditional tent, you are restricted to your vehicle’s ability, the flatness of the land around you, and the weather—always the weather. AREA BFE tents will drastically reduce your time looking for the perfect spot because anywhere your car can go, that relatively level is the perfect spot. Even if it’s just for a night, and forget about fumbling around in the dark trying to set up camp, locate tent poles, and stake everything down. 

Safe from Critters and Crawlers

If you think that a rooftop tent will protect you from a hungry bear, you’re not going to find much comfort there. However, rooftop tents are perfect for keeping snakes, spiders, ants, raccoons, and other small pests far away from you and your family. The height of a rooftop tent isn’t out of reach for bears, but you’ll surely be far away from anything else that could compromise your sleep and safety. And when you’re camping in BFE, the likelihood of strange and unfamiliar creatures finding your tent is high. There are many positives to being able to sleep in the middle of nowhere with the best rooftop tent, but that also means you’re going to be subject to more animals and insects than you would encounter in a designated camping spot with people all around. Both the hardshell and softshell rooftop tents have ample protection from anything creepy or crawly. And you can forget about mosquitos penetrating any little hole like in a traditional nylon tent. What’s worse than hearing that shrill mosquito buzz around your ear in the middle of the night cuz there’s a small hole in your nylon tent? Nothing. There is nothing worse than that. Talk about anxiety. There’s nothing to fear with an AREA BFE rooftop tent, and you’ll still be able to enjoy the view with our mesh windows.

Take a Shower

Taking a shower is not something most people do while camping, but when you’re camping with an AREA BFE rooftop tent, your shower tent can come built-in! What luxury! After a hard day of extreme activities, coming back to your rooftop tent for jeeps, cars, and trucks to rinse off before making dinner is the most luxurious feeling. That’s not to say that we’re a bunch of softies at AREA BFE who can’t handle a little dirt in our ears, teeth, hair, and, well, you get the point. But to be able to rinse off the day and get cozy around a fire feeling clean at night makes a world of difference in your camping experience.  If you’re the type to take long trips and really get deep into exploring, then the shower feature is perfect for you. This attachable option on AREA BFE tents creates a private shower area to rinse off and climb up straight into the rooftop tent afterward to change. You can also put the camp toilet here if you’re traveling with a family and want to keep everyone safe from wandering through the woods looking for the camp toilet. This simple add on will make a huge difference in how you camp. You don’t have to settle for baby wipes on the “hot zones,” and you’ll be amazed at how much better your camping trip can be when you feel clean.

Your Car is Your Basecamp 

When your car is your basecamp, you’re always home! Opening up your AREA BFE Rooftop tent is super easy and will allow you to pack up easily as well. If you’re an avid overlander like us, then you know how important it is to be able to pack up and go when the wind changes, or you hear of a rad trail to check out. With your rooftop tent fastened to your car during camping season, you’re always ready to hit the road for another adventure. You don’t have to worry about grabbing the tent, the poles, the stakes, the hammer, or the rain shield. Everything is already there, and just waiting to pull out of the driveway. And if you’ve ever forgotten something super important on a camping trip, like say the tent poles, then you know how important it is to have everything together. The worry-free approach to camping that we’ve created at AREA BFE allows for spontaneity because your basecamp is always on your car. When you’re ready to pack up at the end of the trip, disassemble, place your belongings in your car, and head home. We’ve made it incredibly easy to set up and take down the AREA BFE tents because we know how important it is to prioritize convenience.

More Room for Gear

Packing a car full of gear like crash pads, kayaks, paddleboards, fishing poles, stoves, chairs, and food can take up room surprisingly fast. With your tent and sleeping bags secured safely to your roof, you have so much more room for activities! The best rooftop tents leave room for your gear. Whether you’re going for a weekend or an extended adventure, you need all the space you can get. You can even fit more people in your vehicle if your tent is on your roof.  Don’t limit your outdoor adventures by how much room you have in your car. With the space freed up from your tent and sleeping bags, you’ll be able to bring all your favorite gear and set it up anywhere your heart desires.  And once you set up your rooftop tent, the storage options inside will blow your mind. You can stay organized and ready for the next adventure, inclement weather, and anything that comes your way while you’re out exploring the wild.

Solar Power

Obtaining power in the middle of nowhere always poses some challenges. Whether you need to charge your phone, plug in a speaker, or power up a computer, there are rarely outlets at designated camping spots, and forget about the middle of nowhere. With AREA BFE tents, you can install solar panels to the top of the hardshell model, so you’re never without power. Solar panels while camping isn’t a new concept, but when they’re permanently attached to your tent, then you’re changing how you camp in a major way. When you can power up your computer and connect to wifi, then you’re basically living your best #vanlife without actually having to live in a van. The possibilities are endless and solar power on AREA BFE tents will surely change the game for you. Solar panels are also nice to plug in lights so you can see at night and create a nice ambiance out in the wilderness. Camping with families will feel safer when you can see your surroundings and know that your phone won’t be dead in an emergency, or your car battery won’t be dead from charging your phone.  Solar power can also be used to heat water for your outdoor shower! The possibilities are limitless when you have power, and we know just how important that is.

Aerodynamic Rooftop Tent

We wanted to make sure our rooftop tents were aerodynamic and fuel-efficient because they’re going to be attached to your car for months at a time.  During camping season, roughly from May to September, depending on where you live, it’s convenient to leave your rooftop tent attached to the top of your car, jeep, or truck. This way, you are always ready for an adventure, and you only have to install the rooftop tent once a season.  This will also mean that you’re going to be driving around town with your rooftop tent fastened to your car, running errands, and going to work. We wanted to make sure that the drag was low and your gas mileage wasn’t wrecked during the months that you have your tent attached.  When you’re hauling anything, your gas mileage is going to be compromised. But we did a lot of research to develop a rooftop tent with a low profile and didn’t weigh a ton. Ensuring that you’re able to drive around town as usual with minimal impact on your vehicle height, weight, or gas mileage.  Other than looking like the most extreme person in town with your tent fastened to your car in the summer, you’re going to be still able to get up to higher speeds on the highway and not worry about being a gas guzzler to get around town.

Explore More

The best thing about rooftop tents is that you’re able to explore more. We’ve already talked about not finding the perfect camping spot and being protected from the elements, but what the best rooftop tents will do is open the book of opportunity. From mountains to beaches, snow to the desert, there are no limitations to where you can go in your rooftop tent.  We designed AREA BFE tents for the exact purpose of being able to follow the sunset or a river to a secluded spot. Besides finding a flat area to park on, there are no limitations when it comes to camping with a rooftop tent. Want to camp in a different place each day on a weekend trip? No problem! The best rooftop tents will allow you to park in the middle of a puddle, on snow, or even amongst cacti in the desert. When you look at a map and everywhere is an option, something happens in your psyche. It’s like something is unlocked, and the potential of endless possibilities gives you new life. We know cuz we’ve experienced it time and time again camping with an AREA BFE rooftop tent.

Get a Rooftop Tent Already!

If you’ve been on the fence about getting a rooftop tent, the time is now, and this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. In all seriousness, rooftop tents are having a moment, and we are here for it. We love the adventure rooftop tents inspire, and we are honored to provide people with a way to enjoy more of the world than ever before. We are no longer limited by designated campsites, making reservations, or rushing out of town to find the perfect spot, hopefully. Elevated camping with a rooftop tent will definitely change the way you camp, which will change the way you interact with nature. And when you can shower, charge your phone, light up the campsite, and pack up in minutes, there are literally no excuses to get outside for an adventure.  Check out the best rooftop tents in both hardshell and softshell and get your adventuring spirit on the road right away. We’ve made shipping, installation, and set up simple so that all you have to worry about is which direction to head out of town. Make the most of your weekend with the best rooftop tent and enjoy all that nature has to offer.  A one year warranty also backs AREA BFE tents, so there’s no reason not to buy and try it out for yourself.