What is a Shower Tent?

What is a Shower Tent?

Campgrounds do not always have the best outdoor facilities. Although it is possible to do without little luxuries for the duration of your trip, showering is one thing that must not be neglected. Save for showering in a rundown outdoor stall or bathing near a stream, the next best alternative when a shower facility is unavailable is to pitch a camping shower tent.

What Is a Shower Tent?

Before you jump into the other details of a shower tent, let’s cover the basics first. Put simply, a shower tent is a portable bathroom that can be carried anywhere whilst traveling.

A portable shower tent is built for the main purpose of providing users with a means to stay fresh and hygienic while enjoying outdoor adventures. It allows you to enjoy a relaxing hot or cold shower wherever you are.

Should the need arise, a shower tent can also be used as a quick changing room in exposed environments. Although there are various types of shower tents, the key features are the same throughout. Nonetheless, these features must be put into consideration when you are buying a shower tent.

How to Use a Shower Tent

Assemble and set up your tent as directed by your user manual. Shower tents are engineered just like any regular tent; it has zips, flaps, poles, and securing anchors. Follow the standard instructions of your tent’s manufacturer.

There may be additional steps if your tent includes a fancier water system. Your manual should also include the setup for this. Some designs include solar panels that are best situated on the roof of the tent. Others have batteries that hook up to a special system.

Once you’re set up, fill the tent’s storage tanks (if any come with your kit), or attach the shower to a water source. Secure the door flaps, and enjoy your shower.

Key Features to Look for in a Shower Tent

Just like buying a ground tent, you should be spending time looking into various features a specific shower tent can afford its users. These features ensure you get the most out of the tent you decide to buy. If you are a first-time shower tent buyer, here are a few features to look out for.


It goes without saying that the right material can make or break your shower tent. Poor quality fabrics are cheap at first, but in the long run, they break and tear easily. Thus, turning them into disposable tents that can be costly for you and can impact the environment. Choose tents with a thick, water-resistant material for a sturdy and long-lasting product.


The size and weight of the shower tent can help determine the amount of water it is able to store. This factor affects the mobility of the shower tent. As logic would dictate, a heavy tent is a bit more challenging to store. Select a tent size that you can easily set up and put away on your own.


As previously mentioned, size affects your capacity to store the portable shower tent. When it comes to selecting the size and capacity, personal preference and need come into play. For instance, a small tent for showering would suffice if you are on a solo trip. However, if you are traveling with a bunch of people then it only makes sense to get a larger one so that you do not need to constantly source water.


No one really wants to spend time trying to set up a tent. The style, make, and model will dictate how easy or difficult it is to set up your camping shower tent. There are tents powered by solar panels, some work on propane, while others run on battery packs. Aside from considering the shower’s power generation, choose a tent that can be put together easily.

Floor Design

The best type of floor design is a removable one. This makes the tent easier to clean. Some other considerations include water-resistant flooring and an ample drainage system.


Similar to your home shower, a portable shower tent is meant to provide you with privacy. This is especially important since you will be mostly exposed to the wilderness. Many unique tent designs exist on the market. Some come with zipper locks that permit users to shower in comfort and without the fear of being interrupted.

Towel Hangers

No shower area is complete without the presence of a shower hanger or hook. Some shower tentdesigns include hooks right outside the door to keep your towel within easy reach.

Shelf Hooks

A well designed shower tent should have provisions for shelf hooks. Larger shower tents include this useful feature. With it, users can install shelves to put their toiletries and other stuff on.

Why Use a Shower Tent?

Shower tents provide campers with the ability to bathe and clean themselves no matter where they are. It offers privacy in an otherwise open and exposed location. Aside from using the shower for hygienic purposes, many campers also use it as an extra room to change in. Others have turned it into an annex for their main sleeping tent. Some use it as additional storage. At the end of the day, the only limit to its usage is your own imagination.