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Shower Tent

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Ready to take your setup to the next level? The AreaBFE Shower Tent is the perfect add-on to your camping, beach, RV’ing or overlanding kit. The unit unpacks quickly to provide a private space for showers, a camp toilet or a changing room, and when you are done it packs up just as quickly.

The Shower Tent mounts to any strong flat surface but works the best off the side of your Area BFE Aluminum Hardshell Roof Top Tent or on roof racks.

Product Sizing: 

Outside dimensions closed:
Length 33.5" x Width 4" x Height 6.5"
Internal dimensions open:
Length 28" x Width 28"
Height 6ft open top and 6" adjustable
1 person
Weight 30 lbs
2 x pockets accessories
1 x travel cover





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See our Shower Tent in action

Ready for the next level? Our Shower Tent is the perfect add-on. It unfolds quickly to provide a private space for showers, a camp toilet or a changing room.

Easy Mounting

The Shower Tent mounts directly to the side of your AreaBFE Aluminum Hardshell Roof Top Tent. Don't have an AreaBFE Tent, no problem. You can also mount to roof racks or any strong flat surface.

Shower or Privacy

Whether a full shower set up is part of your kit or you are just looking for some privacy when changing at the campsite or on the beach AreaBFE's Shower Tent provides the space you are looking for.

Comfort and Convenience

Our shower tent provides that extra comfort of a shower at the campsite and will accommodate adults and children of all sizes.

"your gear should elevate your adventures, and the Area BFE aluminum hardshell tent does exactly that." review